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Start in push-up position with hips centered and hands placed underneath the shoulders. Bring your left foot diagonally across to your right hand and then alternate by bringing your right foot to your left hand. This is one rep. Make sure to keep your butt down and squeeze your glutes and obliques as you do this. (50 reps)


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Start in standing position with feet together. Keeping your entire body straight, bend only at the hips to walk your hands out into push-up position until your body is parallel to the ground. Once you are in proper push-up position, keep your hands underneath the shoulders and slowly walk your feet up as close to your hands as possible. Keep your legs and back straight while squeezing your abdominals to walk your feet up. Walk your feet back out into plank position without bending your knees. This is one rep. (For 1 minute)

Oblique V-Ups

Starting on either your left or right side, lie sideways on the ground on your hip with legs off the ground and angled 30 degrees from your hip. Keeping a weight in both hands at your chest or above your head with your arms at your ears, lift your legs and torso towards each other. Keep your legs straight and contract your oblique muscles to push your torso and legs towards each other. Keep the back rounded and head in neutral position. (50 reps)

Towel Knee Tucks

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Start in push-up position with a towel under your feet on a smooth surface. Keeping your core and glutes tight with hands positioned under your shoulders, drag the feet on the towel in towards your torso in a smooth, explosive movement. Bring your feet as far in towards your hands so that your final position is your knees bent underneath your torso, grazing the elbows. Slide your feet back out into push-up position. This is one rep. (50 reps)

Full Weighted Sit Up

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Start lying down with your back flat on the floor with legs straight out. Holding a weight at your chest, slowly bring your upper body up for 4 seconds into a sitting position so that your torso is perpendicular to your legs. Slowly lower your upper body for 4 seconds back down into starting position. Repeat these movements while keeping the back completely flat and your legs and feet firm on the ground. (For 1 minute)

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