10 lifestyle and metabolic changes that make women put on weight after 40

Some people start gaining weight after 40 years, despite the fact that diet and physical activity level do not change.

Even if you are still active, the body is already running the aging process: metabolism is slowing down, the amount of muscle mass and some hormones important for maintaining a good figure are reduced.

40 years is a definite milestone in the life of a woman, when much has been achieved and life is already well established, there is a family, stable work and life.

However, looking at herself in the mirror, the woman sadly notes that extra pounds are added every year to the hips and waist areas, forming ugly folds.

How is it possible to lose weight and to get back a good body without harming the health and avoiding sagging of the skin in problem areas?

We offer you to look at 10 lifestyle and metabolic changes that make women put on weight after 40:

#1. Hormonal changes. According to scientific research, weight gain during the menopause is a consequence of hormonal changes in the body. In other words, if you observe a habitual way of life and eating routine, you still gain extra pounds.

#2. Reduced level of progesterone. Progesterone is responsible for the reproductive function of the female body, the production of which also decreases during menopause. It affects the fluid retention and increased gas formation

#3. Increased appetite. Hormonal changes often lead to the desire to eat much more than before.

#4. Aging. In people over 40, the metabolism decreases by 3.1-3.3%.

#5. Insulin resistance. Unhealthy eating in the form of sugar and processed foods can lead to insulin resistance after 40.

#6. Stress. Cortisol will make you want to eat more and more.

#7. Your body composition. All women tend to gain weight after 40.

#8. Low physical activity. There is a very simple pattern: a lot of movement – a little fat on the hips, abdomen and waist, and vice versa.

#9. Unhealthy eating. Overeating and harmful food in the form of baking, sweets, fatty foods and processed foods lead to excess weight.

#10. Medications. Some pills, especially hormonal pills can lead to weight gain.