Everyone is different in their own way and women come in all different shapes and sizes, like tall heavy, petite, skinny, curvy the list go on and on. Our physiques are all perfectly unique and special, and each of us has body challenges. Back fat affects women worldwide including celebrities. Its noting that you should be ashamed of, there are different ways you tone and defeat bra bulge.

Your DNA plays a big role on where your body stores far, and your upper back isn’t the easiest place to get rid of fat, but if you perform the right exercises you will see great results.

These exercises will focus on your back fat. As you strengthen and tone your back, your bra will begin to feel comfortable eliminating the bra bulge. You will also help your posture and self confidence.


Stand with arms crossed over chest and feet hip-wide across, with knees slightly bent. Hinge forward from hips bringing chest to floor, keeping the neck in line with spine. Slowly return back to standing position. To increase the challenge, clasp hands behind head and hinge forward.


Lay on the floor with your face towards the ground arms and legs extended. Raise your chest off the ground and make a Y shape with your body. Next, get into the T position with your body as you raise it. Press arms back down by sides with thumbs up, raising chest as high off floor as you can bringing your body into an I position. Then slowly lower chest and reach arms back into the Y position as you lower body down.

Opposite Arm and Leg Reach

Begin on all fours with hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Keeping body stable, extend right leg out behind while reaching left arm out in front. Hold for one count, lower and repeat on the other side.

Have patience, ladies. Develop a routine and work hard. That’s how results are made. Bra bulge can be put in its place.