10 minute workout that can slim down your thighs

Women are fighting a life long battle against excessive weight. It really seems to be endless. A fat layer comes back as fast as you get rid of it. Especially on you problem zones. Thighs are considered to be one of the most difficult zone to keep fit.

Advertisement offers us surgery and liposuction, as an easy way out. However, they don’t tell that the fat will come back again. There is only thing you can do to exclude body fat from your life. You need to workout regularly. Regularly. It should be emphasized. Try to make working out your habit. It takes 21 day to get used to doing something. Try to workout regularly during 21 day and you will get used to this activity.

We know that you a a busy lady and you don’t have much spare time. We assume that you cannot dedicate an hour or two for the training. That is why we designed a 10 minute workout that can slim down your thighs. Make 2 sets and 10 reps of each exercise and rest for 30 seconds between sets. Don’t forget to stretch your muscles after you are done. We also suggest that you do this exercises 21 days. We dare you. Don’t forget to share your results after. Waiting to hear from you back.

#1. Squats With Side Leg Raises

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– Place your feet at shoulder width apart while keeping your chest up and your abdominals braced.

– Bend at the knees and drive your hips back as if you’re sitting in a chair.

– Continu to lower your body until your upper legs are parallel to the floor.

– Then drive your hips forward and push through your quads and glutes to return to a standing position.

– Just as you reach the standing position, lift your chosen leg out to the side; it should be straight.

– Lower your leg back so that you return to the starting position and repeat for the other side!

#2. Glute Kickback

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– Position yourself on the ground supporting yourself on your hands and knees.

– Hold the handles of a resistance band in each hand. Hook the middle of the band on your left foot, pushing it back until the slack tightens.

– Brace your core and maintain a flat back as you kick your left leg back and up.

– Slowly return your leg to the starting position, not allowing the knee to touch the ground.

– Repeat the movement

#3. Glute Bridge

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– Lie on your back with your hands by your sides and your knees bent.

– Lift your hips off the mat, while keeping your back straight, and pause for 1 second.

– Return to the starting position and repeat the movement until the set is complete.

#4. Swimming

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#5. Plank Leg Raises

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– Sit on the mat with your legs extended and place your hands behind you with the fingers facing your body.

– Kick your right leg up and, as you lower it back down, lift your hips and squeeze the glutes.

– Repeat with the opposite leg and keep alternating sides for the entire duration of the set.

#7. Frog Jumping

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– Sit back with your feet in a wide stance and with the toes turned out at an angle.

– Jump forward and up, land on your toes and squat.

– Jump back and return to the starting position.

– Repeat this back and forth movement until the set is complete.

#8. In and Out Jack

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– Stand straight with your feet together and hands by your sides.

– Jump up, spread your feet, bend your knees pressing your hips back, and open your arms.

– Push through the heels to jump back up and bring both hands together above your head.

– repat until the set is complete.