10 Minute Workout To Lose Weight and Tone Your Body

Sculpt your butt with these exercises designed to target your glutes for the ultimate quick toning workout. We want you to get the best booty possible!

If you’re serious about toning your tush, enlist in this 10-minute glute-focused workout. Her routine works every muscle in your butt until it’s got no choice but to shape up.

This fat-blasting workout video, created by Andrea Orbeck, will work your entire body in 10 minutes. Andrea has trained many Victoria’s Secret models, and now she’ll train you in the comfort of your living room — no props needed. So no excuses!

Press play, and follow along as Andrea leads you through this short but intense workout.

Every single woman on this Earth wants to know the secret of Victoria’s secret angels for their fabulous look ,especially the secret for their amazing well toned bodies.

The answer is simple: They are very careful with their everyday diet and they also exercise on a daily basis. Their exercises are a little bit different since they have personal trainers who create special exercises just for them.

Since not every one of us can afford to own a personal trainer , we can do a workout with the help of Victoria’s secret fitness instructors.

Watch these exercises that were shared by these famous trainers on youtube. This video contains 10 minutes set of exercises for the whole body and was made by Andrea Orbeck, a personal trainer to many famous models.

To do these exercises you won’t need much time nor requisites , so anyone can do them. You will tone your body and burn calories in your own room. If you don’t have stamina , don’t exaggerate exercising the first couple of times.