Supine Piriformis Stretch

Lie down with bent knees, cross the affected leg, hold its ankle with one hand, and hold the knee with the other. Draw upfront the shoulder in the same line with the ankle, and hold for 30 seconds.

Short Adductor Stretch

From a sitting position, put the legs in front of you, and the left hand on the right ankle, and hold the right hand on the left ankle. Next, push down the knees, and hold for 30 seconds.

Hip Extension

With the hands and knees on the floor, and the hands aligned with the shoulders, lift the painful leg while keeping the knee tilt, and lower it again. Repeat 15 times.

Bottom Stretch for the Piriformis Muscle

Start on all fours, and curl the painful foot toward the opposite side, near the hip, toward the shoulder. Try to touch the floor with the forehead, stretch the other leg, and push the hips toward the floor. Hold for 30 seconds, and make three repetitions.

Outer Hip Piriformis Stretch

Lie down with the painful leg bent, and the foot close to the knee of the other leg. Next, curl the leg to the opposite side while touching the ground with the knee.

While stretching the left leg, place the right hand on the knee, and elevate the left hand. Lower the arm in the opposite direction of the knee while trying to touch the ground with the shoulder. Hold for 20 seconds, and repeat with the other leg.

Side-Lying Clam

Lie on the painful side, tilt the legs back into an L shape, with the feet parallel to each other. Then, lift the top knee, and hold for a few seconds. Repeat 15 times.

These exercises would be of great help in the treatment of these issues, but make sure you consult your doctor before trying them.