Every person should try to be active as much as possible. Exercising is a very important part in our life, and everyone should find time to do it.

Many people don’t know how to start and prolong it as much as they can. Therefore, we will show you a workout plan which will last for 10 weeks that will help you burn that fat and build some muscles. You won’t need any equipment, so, let’s explain the exercises.

10 – Week Home Workout Plan


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In order to do crunches you should be lying on the floor on your back. Next, lift your legs at a 90 degree angle. You can put your hands behind your head or cross them in front of the chest. As you lift your upper part your elbows or chest should touch the knees. As you go up you should exhale, and as you go down you should inhale.


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You should spread your feet in a shoulder-width, and your hips above your ankles and knees. You should roll back the shoulders and keep the spine in neutral position. Keep your arms straight with the palms facing down. Start by moving the hips backwards and bending the knees as much as you can. Then, go back to the beginning position.


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You should be standing and looking forwards. Then, step one feet forwards while bending the knee at 90 degrees. The knee should be in line with the big toe. After that step the front foot in the starting position. You just did one rep.


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Position your body in a high-plank pose while keeping the back flat. You shouldn’t dip or raise your but as you bend at your elbows. Also, your core should be engaged as you go up and down. Make sure that you keep the elbows closer to the body and drive the shoulders backwards when you do push-ups.

Those were the basic exercises, so we can continue to the workout plan.

Every Monday

  • Jumping jacks-5
  • Butt kicks-10
  • Sit ups-10
  • Wall sit-25 seconds
  • Squats-20
  • Push-ups-5
  • Crunches-25
  • Lunges-15
  • Plank-15 seconds

Every Tuesday

  • Jumping jacks-10
  • Butt kicks-20
  • Wall sit-45 seconds
  • Squats-10
  • Push-ups-10
  • Crunches-10
  • Lunges-25
  • Plank-30 seconds

Every Wednesday

  • Jumping jacks-50
  • Butt kicks-25
  • Wall sit-35 seconds
  • Squats-15
  • Push-ups-10
  • Crunches-30
  • Lunges-25
  • Plank-40 seconds

Every Thursday

  • Jumping jacks-25
  • Butt kicks-35
  • Wall sit-60 seconds
  • Squats-35
  • Push-ups-20
  • Crunches-20
  • Lunges-15
  • Sit ups-50
  • Plank-30 seconds

Every Friday

  • Jumping jacks-55
  • Butt kicks-50
  • Wall sits-45 seconds
  • Squats-25
  • Push-ups-30
  • Crunches-30
  • Lunges-60
  • Sit ups-40
  • Plank-60 seconds


  • Week 1 – sprint (30 seconds), jog (30 seconds), 5 reps
  • Week 2 – sprint (35 seconds), jog (45 seconds), 6 reps
  • Week 3 – sprint (45 seconds), jog (45 seconds), 7 reps
  • Week 4 – sprint (50 seconds), jog (45 seconds), 8 reps
  • Week 5 – sprint (55 seconds), jog (30 seconds), 5 reps
  • Week 6 – sprint (60 seconds), jog (45 seconds), 6 reps
  • Week 7 – sprint (65 seconds), jog (60 seconds), 7 reps
  • Week 8 – sprint (70 seconds), jog (45 seconds), 5 reps
  • Week 9 – sprint (75 seconds), jog (35 seconds), 6 reps
  • Week 10 – sprint (80 seconds), jog (45 seconds), 7 reps

You should pair the cardio with the exercises from the list. Also, weekends should be for resting so you can repair your body.