10 Week No-Gym Home Workout Plan

This is one great workout mini-plan for both men and women which will help you lose weight and gain muscle mass without visiting the gym.

Just a note that an exercise by it self will not do much if you don’t keep an eye on your diet. So besides following this plan regularly, have in mind to drink a lot of water and maintain a healthy diet.

The key is to exercise from 45-60 minutes a day. In case you are a beginner you should start with a 50 minutes workout.

Firstly start by taking the following steps:

Drink plenty of water could just be the best beginning.
Choose the time of day you will exercise.
Choose a start date and get going.
Regular exercise.
Now let’s go with the plan:

Twenty squats, twenty-five seconds wall sit, fifteen seconds plank, ten butt-kicks, ten sit-ups, thirty-five jumping jacks and twenty-five crunches.

Ten squats, ten push-ups, thirty seconds plank, twenty butt-kicks, forty-five seconds wall-sit, and ten jumping jacks.

Forty seconds plank, thirty-five seconds wall-sit, fifty jumping jacks, fifteen squats, twenty push-ups, twenty- five butt-kicks, and thirty crunches.

Thirty seconds plank, sixty-second wall sit, twenty push-ups, thirty-five butt-kicks, twenty crunches and thirty-five squats

Twenty-five squats, sixty-second plank, thirty push-ups, thirty crunches, fifty-five jumping jacks, 50 seconds wall sits, 5 but-kicks and forty sit-ups.

During the weekend you should rest

Weekly plan for a cardio workout:

30 -seconds sprint, 30 -seconds jog (5x)
35- seconds sprint, 45-seconds jog (6x)
45-seconds sprint, 60-seconds jog (7x)
50-seconds sprint, 45-seconds jog (8x)
55-seconds sprint, 30-seconds jog (7x)
60-seconds sprint, 50-seconds jog (6x)
65-seconds sprint, 45-seconds jog(7x)
70-seconds sprint, 50- seconds jog (8x)
75-seconds sprint, 40 seconds jog (7x)
80-seconds sprint, 30 seconds jog (8x)