10 yoga poses can help you strengthen and detox your body

Many people face the problem of excess weight. Especially those people, who eat unhealthy foods, have stresses and lead a passive lifestyle. In order to lose excess weight and improve your metabolism and your appearance, you should cleanse your body of toxins.

Yoga poses can not only tighten your muscles, but also increase your energy tone, strengthen your body, improve flexibility and relieve a number of diseases and ailments.

-Look through a selection of yoga poses that will help you tighten your belly, shape your arms and legs, and also cleanse your body of toxins. Start performing these yoga exercises and you will always feel yourself great. So, take your yoga mat, and let’s start.

It’s time to strengthen your press, the muscles of your back and tighten all muscles of your trunk.

-This yoga workout will prevent you from back pain. It will improve your balance and posture and will help you detox your body.

-The following ten yoga poses can make your body and your life better: Sun Salutations, Standing Forward Fold, Downward Facing Dog, Warrior 2, Warrior 3, Half Moon, Plank, Side Plank, Tree Pose and Dancer Pose.

If you decide to do a detoxifying program for your body, then you just need to take into account your lymphatic system.

-The lymphatic system consists of tissues and organs that make it possible to purify the body of toxins, harmful products and other undesirable substances.

-That is why healthy eating, drinking enough water, and most importantly practicing yoga will help your lymphatic system.

#1. Sun Salutations

#2. Standing Forward Fold

#3. Downward Facing Dog

#4. Warrior 2

#5. Warrior 3

#6. Half Moon

#7. Plank

#8. Side Plank

#9. Tree Pose

#10. Dancer Pose