Nowadays, women are more and more obsessed with the perfect shape of their butt, that some of them are ready to go through carving in order to lose certain weight and then to go for toning of their butts. It is a fact that the butt has never been so fashionable as now.

Years ago everything was about skinny body figures and most of the models and celebrities were beating with anorexia in order to satisfy the needs of the fashion industry. Today, the picture is quite different. If you look on the cover pages of the magazines you will see that everything is about the curvaceous behinds, which seek for more flesh from the back. And for sure this trend is much better than the one with the skinny body figures.

Despite the natural shape of your butt, you must admit it that even you have been thinking about shaping the same so that the eyes of the crowd will be on that area.

Paul Sorace is a personal trainer in Bayonne, which admits that 99% of his clients are seeking to be worked on their glutes. As the women are obsessed with their well-shaped butt, the men are obsessed with six-packs muscles and toned belly.

The interesting fact that Sorace is sharing is the self-confident that the women are having if they are aware that are possessing well-shaped butt and glutes. Additionally, Marilyn Gansel, a professional fitness trainer and owner of a wellness studio, shares that women who are having well-tightened butt are happier and full with self-esteem. Because they know that are possessing sexy body zone that everyone is going mad about it, which is much better picture rather the one of a skinny skeleton bodies.

Many of the women who have decided that now is the final time to work-out on their butt are facing with the main question of which are the most proper exercises for that body part? Most of the fitness trainers are suggesting that the lunges may be classified among the most effective butt exercises, but the problem with them is that they may know to be quite boring. This is true to a certain point, because people are easily getting bored of performing the same thing over and over again every day. Additionally, the problem with the lunges is that this exercise shapes your butt only in one direction.

Do not worry, because there is a better solution of the lunges and the same will be presented to you in this article. Following is a workout program consisted of 11 lunges modifications that are quite interesting and the most important, they are very effective. All you have to do is just focus on the lunges modifications that are given in the video, perform them correctly and frequently, and you will just watch how your butt goes rounder day after day.