12 Morning Stretches to Help You Get Rid of Pain, Stiffness and Excess Fat

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Do you stretch? Of course you don’t. Most people reach for their coffee mug or cigarettes. Well, we will give you a few reasons to stretch in the morning.

First, your body needs to get loose, and you need to get that heart pumping. Do you work in the office? That’s another reason to stretch in the morning. Spending your day at the desk has a detrimental effect on your health and body posture.

Stretching provides great benefits, and we give you some of them:

– Relieves pain, tension and stiffness

– Boosts circulation and warms up your body

– Improves memory and energy

– Strengthens mindfulness and reduces appetite.

– “Kills” stress

If you think that yoga is too light, it’s time to think again. It’s one of the greatest things you will ever do to your body.

12 Morning Stretches To Improve Energy And Melt Fat

Do the following stretches (poses) in series. For optimal results, do 2-4 sessions and hold each pose for 30 seconds. Don’t forget to breathe and relax.

1. Child’s pose

Balasana: Child's Pose | Yoga | Gaia

– For this pose, kneel on the floor and touch your big toes.

– You can either spread your knees or keep them close, depending on what’s comfortable to your body.

– Bring your torso to the front, and touch the floor with your forehead.

– Stretch your arms forward or rest them next to your body.

2. Standing forward bend

Image result for Standing forward bend

– Stand with your feet apart.

– Exhale and bend your body forward until your hands reach the floor.

– Bending your knees is fine.

3. Downward-facing dog

Image result for Downward-facing dog

– Inhale and bend your upper body.

– Push your hands into the floor, and step back.

– Press your hips back and up.

– Keep your spine straight and your tailbone high.

– You should feel the stretch in the back of your legs.

4. Three-legged dog

Image result for three legged dog yoga

– Inhale and lift your right leg. Bring it down slowly, and do the same with your other leg.

– You can bend your knees, lift your leg a bit higher, or do whatever feels good for your body.

5. Lunge

Image result for Lunge

– Inhale and bring one leg forward while bending your knee.

– Place your hands next to the foot, and straighten the other leg.

– Elevate your chest.