Are you keen to challenges? Do you dream of a well-shaped body for so many years? If your answer is yes, then you should undertake this 14-day slim belly challenge, definitely. Imagine that after two weeks, starting from now, you can wear your favorite dress that was too small for you all these years.

This challenge is very beneficial and helps a great number of women to get over the problem with the overweight and obesity. So do not think twice and start with the challenge tomorrow.

The following is the plan with the 6 exercises that you need to practice every day in a period of two weeks.

Toe Touches

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  • Start standing with your feet hip-distance apart.
  • Swing your right leg up and touch your left hand to your right toes. Keep your chest up!
  • Return to the starting position and repeat with your left leg, touching your right hand to your left toes.
  • That’s 1 rep. Do 8 to 10 total.

Reverse Crunch

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Start the exercise by placing your body as you are going to make crunches. The lower part of your back needs to be pressed into the ground, so that you can pull your belly button. Once you done this, then you can lift your feet off the ground. Your knees need to be one to another and bent so that the same forms an angle of 90 degrees. Then make a movement by pulling your knees to the chest, so that your tailbone will be raised from the ground and your body will perform a traditional crunch. Then you can return your body to the starting position. Make 10 repetitions of this exercise.


Place your body on the ground as you are going to make pushups. The elbows and toes need to be slightly raised so that the same will be in a straight line with the upper part of the body. Take deep breaths and try to stay into this position as long as you can. You will feel how your muscles are getting stronger. Divide your body weight into the legs and elbows so that you can contract the buttock muscles. As that, you will have more balance and strength.


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Start the exercise by lying down on your back. Bend your knees and draw them towards your ribs. Then you need to contract the abdominal muscles. You will achieve that by lifting your legs towards the ceiling, so that the lower part of your back needs to be pressed on the ground. Afterwards lower your right leg down and start making movements with your legs same as the scissors. Do this movement without rush. Make 20 repetitions for each leg.


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Start the exercise by lying down on the floor so that the soles of your feet will be together. While letting your knees to fall out to your body sides put your hands on the stomach and breathe in. When you will felt how your stomach expands, breathe out completely. Make 15 repetitions of this exercise.

Mountain Climber

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Start the exercise by placing your body as you are going to perform planks. Your arms need to be placed on the floor and your hands too. The hands need to be beneath your shoulders. The heels need to be off the ground and the legs straight on the toes. Make the first movement by bending your right knee, so that the leg will be pulled towards your chest. Try to stay into this position for a few seconds and return tour body to the plank position. Then switch the legs and make several repetitions for each leg.

Perform these exercises every day in a period of 14 days. After two weeks make a pause of several days and continue with the challenge from the beginning if you want.