15-minute daily exercise plan for busy ladies

Now everyone knows that it is very useful to play sport to improve health, well-being and appearance. However, the main problem of the modern world is that there are a lot of possibilities but there is no time for them.

Being a modern woman you can often be too busy. You have work, home and other important affairs.

Sometimes you do not even have time to eat properly, you cannot find the time and energy for intensive, long training and then for showering, styling and makeup to continue your crazy day.

You think that nothing will come of it but you should know that the key to your success is an effective workout plan for the week.

Look through the best 15-minute daily workout and start creating an ideal body from tomorrow:

Monday: Upper Body;

Tuesday: Core;

Wednesday: Lower Body;

Thursday: Upper Body;

Friday: Core;

Saturday: Lower Body;

Sunday: Relaxation.

Exercises for Upper Body: PushUps (20 repetitions), Dips (20 repetitions), Push Ups (15 repetitions), Dips (15 repetitions), Push Ups (15 repetitions) and Dips (15 repetitions). Take a fifteen-second pause between exercises.

#1. PushUps

#2. Dips

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Exercises for Lower Body: Interval Squats (perform for one minute), Step Ups (15 repetitions) and Single Leg Hip Thrust (15 repetitions).

#1. Interval Squats

#2. Step Ups

#3. Single Leg Hip Thrust

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Exercises for Core: Scissors (26 repetitions), Double crunches (10 repetitions), Single leg double crunches (10 repetitions), Alternating lifted leg crunches (26 repetitions), Single leg lift crunches (50 repetitions), Bicycles (26 repetitions) and V-Ups (10 repetitions).

#1. Scissors

#2. Double crunches

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#3. Single leg double crunches

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#4. Alternating lifted leg crunches

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#5. Single leg lift crunches

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#6. Bicycles

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#7. V-Ups

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You might think that there are too many exercises to fit into twenty minutes but it just seems that way.

You will do all of them very quickly. The main thing is to make these exercises a habit. You should be physically active every day.

For example, you can walk for twenty minutes as an addition to your daily training. This will relax your body and it will change for the better.