15 minutes workout that can help you get firm and round butt

Every girl dreams of elastic, firm and round buttocks. After all, the focus of male’s attention is usually not a figure, but a round part of the body – the butt. Therefore, you should be proud of your buttocks and always be in the center of attention.

To do this, look through a few exercises how to pump up the buttocks. Buttocks are the focus of attention not only for men, but also for women.

It often happens, when women are looking at men’s butt, they judge his sexual qualities.

This is a fact that the figure looks really beautiful, when you are wearing jeans or a tight dress, and you can see a beautiful form of magnificent buttocks. However, more often the buttocks look much worse than we want. The first cause is malnutrition.

The muscles become flabby and begin to sag, because of our wrong diet. The second cause is a lack of physical activity. Well, the third cause is trivial laziness.

If you decided to change something, start with this great fifteen minutes workout. It will make your butt look firm and round: squats (fifty repetitions), walking lunges (forty repetitions), donkey kicks (fifty repetitions on each side) and glute bridges (do it for two minutes).

Challenge yourself to perform this workout everyday for about a month, and your results will be really great. You will be surprised.

If you feel that your workout becomes too easy, increase the number of repetitions. You should feel each exercise, or the results will not be so excellent.

#1. Squats

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1. Stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart.

2. Bend your knees, press your hips back and stop the movement once the hip joint is slightly lower than the knees.

3. Press your heels into the floor to return to the initial position.

4. Repeat until set is complete

#2. Walking Lunges

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1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, take a step forward with your right foot and then slowly bend both knees until your back knee is just above the floor.

2. Stand back up, take a step forward with your left foot and bend both knees until your back knee is just above the floor.

3. Repeat this forward movement for the entire duration of the set.

#3. Donkey Kicks

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1. Get down on your hands and knees, with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips, and place a dumbbell behind your right knee.

2. Flex your right foot, lift your right leg up, keeping the knee bent at a 90 degree angle, and squeeze the glutes.

3. Return to the starting position, repeat, and switch legs.

#4. Glute Bridges

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1. Lie on your back with your hands by your sides and your knees bent.

2. Lift your hips off the mat, while keeping your back straight, and pause for 1 second.

3. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement until the set is complete.