19 useful tips that can change your life

How many of you follow the rule – ‘do not seek the easy way’? We think that most of you do, since on some subconscious level we think that this is the only right way. Is that so? No one knows but what we do know is that life is a lot easier if you know a trick or two about it.

To tell you the truth we have come up with a set of 19 useful tips that will change your life once and for all. We hope for better of course. Those of you who think that we are about to ruin your whole concept of life, you better not keep reading. As for those who are tired of doing easy stuff the hardest way – welcome!

#1. Look up

Short of money? Look at the upper shelves at the store, the cheapest products are always there. Do not trust us – check for yourself!

#2. Candles live long

If you want your candle to burn longer, put it into the freezer before lighting it up.

#3. Check your ink

Print out the Google logo to check that all the needed colors are in.

#4. Anxiety

2 spoons of nuts will help you calm down if you are feeling anxious.

#5. Eat slower

Do not want to gain additional weight? Try to eat twice as slowly. See the results in a month.

#6. Zoo colors

Why do those animals run and hide at the zoo? They are afraid of you, try wearing the colors the zoo employees wear, animals are used to them.

#7. Happy fruit

Want to feel great today? Start your day with a banana.

#8. Coffee

Drink a cup of coffee in the morning to start fat-burning processes and to speed up your metabolism.

#9. Hot spoon remedy

How to prevent that nasty itching if a mosquito has bitten you already? Just place a hot spoon over the bite and enjoy the relief.

#10. 9 1 1

Never hide your location from 911, help will be sent sooner if they know where to go.

#11. Napping

A nice nap in the afternoon will not only help you feel energized but will also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

#12. Watermelon

Watermelon is the new Viagra, keep it in mind.

#13. Music

Listening to music while working out increases your results by 15%.

#14. Memory improvement

It is said that in case you need to remember something badly, you should clench your fist first, it helps the memorizing process.

#15. Nondominant hand

Using your non-dominant hand to do some chores will help you improve your brain activity.

#16. Kids

Do kids annoy you and do you have no clue how to act around them? They are just little drunk men, so there is no need to think of them as anyone else.

#17. Volume

Increase the volume and enjoy the relaxing feeling the music brings.

#18. Green tea

Drinking a cup of green tea before going to bed helps your fat-burning processes even as you sleep.

#19. Insomnia

Try breathing exercises in case you are unable to fall asleep.