Having in mind that every day, through the diet we intake a lot of toxins, our body needs to be cleaned regularly.

Here we are presenting one simple way how to detoxify it by a detox drink that will fit right into your diet. It’s an effective way as it releases the fat and detoxifies your body from accumulated toxins in.

The power of this drink comes from the main ingredient, which is the lemon. It’s so effective, as it has the ability to remove the toxins from the digestive track.

Following the reactions of the people who already tried it, can be concluded that most of them are satisfied, and many of them accept this as a daily routine.

Here on the picture, you can see all the benefits you can get from consuming lemon. (Picture)

Follow the 7-days lemon diet bellow:

1st Day – Magic on an Empty Stomach

Take a glass of warm water in the morning, put the lemons inside, wait for a few minutes and drink it up on an empty stomach. Take the regular breakfast.
Repeat that in the afternoon on an empty stomach half an hour before you consume lunch.

2ndDay – Detoxify and Mineralize!

Strengthen up your drink with a mineral water.
The procedure of previous day is repeated (one glass of the lemon juice in the morning and afternoon) and during the day, consume 2-3 liters of mineral water. To enhance the quality you can add fruit in the mineral water for better results.

3rdDay – Richer Lunch

Continue with the morning routine on an empty stomach. The only change is that you can drink the warm lemon water during lunch.
Drinking mineral water with lemon stays the same.
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