The plank is a strength exercise in which the person maintains a position similar to push-up for a maximum possible time. The posture is very simple but functional and practical. The person bends the elbows 90° and rests the weight on the forearms.

The elbows should be positioned right beneath the shoulders for the body to form a straight line from the head to the feet. You can also do it on the palms, on the side or you can use an unstable surface, for example a stability ball.

There is no doubt that the plank is one of the best exercises and instructors adore it. It strengthens your entire body or in particular your core pop, lower back, shoulders, arms…. . It sculptures your waistline and improves your posture. It also has healing effects so it is recommended for people with back pain.

In addition, if you combine it with high-quality diet and cardio exercises, the results will be astonishing especially when it comes to defining the middle part of the body. Due to these body effects it became very popular especially among exercise lovers and many people have adopted it because it helps reduce fat from the stomach and the back as well.

Here, we will introduce a plank challenge that lasts 28 days and that has only one exercise. You will need to do this exercise every day and each time you do it you have to increase the time spent doing the exercise in order to get the best effects.

Also, if you feel you can, you can repeat every challenge as many times as you desire. Therefore, in the first two days your goal is to maintain the plank for 20 seconds. On the 3rd and 4th day take it up to 30 seconds. On day 5, you need to reach the target of 50 seconds.

On day 6, take a break and then continue with 45 seconds on days 7 and 8. Keep the plunk for 60 seconds on days 9 to 11. 90 seconds is your goal to reach on day 12 and then on day 13 again take a rest before you continue with 90 seconds on days 14 and 15.

The target for days 16 and 17 is 120 seconds. On day 18, hold the plank for 150 seconds. Day 19 is when you take a break and then on days 20 and 21 hold it for 150 seconds. 180 seconds is for days 22 and 23 whereas for day 24 it is 210 seconds.

Get some rest on day 25 and continue with 210 seconds on day 26. Day 27 is 240 seconds and finally on day 28 keep the plank as long as you can.

The plank is the exercise you should add to your everyday routine. It is simple and fast yet very effective. Make sure you are doing it right i.e. keep your body in a straight line from the toes to the head, in order to get the desired results.