3 basic moves every woman should master

Modern women often have work, family, various household chores etc. Perhaps in such conditions, finding time to visit the fitness club is not so easy. However, you should follow a proper diet and exercise regularly at home.

Every woman wants to look attractive regardless of age, but one desire is not enough for this. Therefore, we have to make certain efforts, giving our beauty a lot of time.

Unfortunately, not every modern woman can afford to go to the gym or a swimming pool on a regular basis. Therefore, anyone who wants to have a beautiful body, but can not afford to spend a lot of time for this, can take advantage of special exercises for women at home, which will easily replace almost all the necessary workouts in the gym.

The only thing that you will need for this is your willpower, because not everyone will be able to exercise at home for a long period. However, if you have a strong desire and motivation to look better, you will perform specially designed exercises for women, which each of us can perform at home.

The following three exercises will not only help you lose some weight, but will also tone your body.

The Push Up. Do not think that this exercise is just for men. Take a plank position and do a push up.

The Squat. This is the best exercise for your buttocks and hips. The only condition is to keep your back straight.

The Step Up. This exercise can tone your upper body really well.


How to Do Pushups: Techniques, Benefits, Variations

Keeping torso and legs perfectly aligned

Keeping elbows in line with shoulders

Facing the floor, having head relaxed and neck in line with spine

#2. Squats

12 Squat Exercises For Ladies Who Want Bubble Butts - RobertBP.com

Bending your hips, knees and ankles at the same time

Placing feet shoulder-width apart, toes straight ahead

Keeping abs tight

Don’ts :

Placing feet too close together or too far apart

Pushing knees past toes without bending at hips

Opening or closing knees when bending

Arching your back


Lunges GIF | Gfycat

Simultaneously bending at hips and knees

Keeping feet in line with hips

Hip to knee forming a 90 degree angle

Keeping shoulders aligned with hips

Don’ts :
Knee of front leg extending past toes

Front knee moving laterally

Leaning body forward

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