3 easy exercises to prevent back pain

1. Modified Curl-Up

The McGill curl-up is a unique abdominal training exercise that forces engagement of your entire abdominal region while keeping your lower lumbar area in its natural position. This is a good abdominal exercise for individuals who suffer from lower back pain.

Lie on your back with your one leg completely straight, bending the opposite knee to 90 degrees and keeping the foot flat on the floor. Place hands directly beneath the natural arch in your lower back.

Tighten your abs to bring your head and shoulder blades off of the floor without moving your lower back. Hold this position and slowly return to the ground.

2. Side Bridge

Start the exercise by lying on a mat with the legs straight.

– Turn onto your right side and lie in a straight line from head to feet.

– Rest on your forearm. The elbow must be exactly under the shoulder.

– Contract your abdominal muscles and lift the hips off the floor, maintaining a straight line of the body.

– Keep the hips square and the neck must be in line with the spine.

– Hold this position for 20-40 seconds and then lower your body.

– Repeat the exercise twice or thrice on either sides.

3. Quadruped Bird-Dog

– This is an example of an exercise that could be part of a 12-station HICT program. All exercises can be done with body weight and implements easily acquired in almost any setting (e.g., home, office, hotel room, etc.).

– The exercise order allows for a total body exercise to significantly increase the heart rate while the lower, upper, and core exercises function to maintain the increased heart rate while developing strength.

– Exercises are performed for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of transition time between bouts.

– Total time for the entire circuit workout is approximately 7 minutes.

– The circuit can be repeated 2 to 3 times.