3 Moves We Do For Toned Outer Thighs!

Now, you know we’ve got to tell you all about those outer thighs, too! We always design your leg and booty routines to hit every angle of your gorgeous lower bod, but it’s also great to give a little extra love to certain muscles. Your inner thigh is made up of a muscle called vastus medialis, while your outer thigh is called the vastus lateralis.

Most people have a stronger medialis muscle than lateralis, which can lead to imbalances. These 3 simple moves focus on strengthening your vastus lateralis to even out your thigh muscle strength and sculpt sleek and sexy legs!

Booty Band Squat

Butt - Squat Jump with Short Resistance Band - FIT CARROTS | Premium Fitness Tools For Functional and Regeneration Training

The key to toning both your outer and inner thighs while performing a squat is to push your knees slightly out while lowering down. Your inner thigh tends to be stronger than your outer, which causes your knees to sink in toward center. Wrap a Tone It Up Booty Band just above your knees to help you push out and work those outer thighs even more.
Complete 20 reps!

Booty Band Shuffle

Resistance Band Exercises for a Total-Body Workout

Lower that booty band to just above your ankles and step from side to side. Make sure the booty band remains taut so that you’re constantly experiencing resistance. This will activate your outer thigh and booty for some major toning action!
Complete 15 reps to each side, 30 reps total!

Leg Abduction

Hip Abduction - The Definitive Guide | Biology Dictionary

Position the booty band just above your knees and lay on your side. Push against the booty band and raise your top leg directly to the side. With control, lower back down. This will isolate the side of your legs for some extreme toning.
Complete 15 reps, then switch sides!