3 Variations Of The Plank For Flat Stomach, Toned Arms, And Well-Shaped Hips

Everyone dreams of a beautiful and healthy body, but there isn’t always enough time for the gym. Sometimes there is no time even for exercising at home. Don’t quit sports just yet, you can practice for only 5 minutes a day and still see a good result in a while. To do this, you need to warm-up well and just stand in the plank position.

Benefits of the plank

#Strengthens the wrists and hands.
#Develops strong triceps, prevents flabby arms.
#Strengthens the neck muscles.
#Works the back muscles.
#Tones the stomach and buttocks.
#Shapes abdominal muscles.
#Increases stamina.

We have prepared 3 exercises to be practiced daily. For you not to quit, why don’t you take part in a marathon? Here is how it works: you promise yourself to work out every day, and then share your daily experiences in the comments. Ready to start?

Do the elbow plank: stand in the plank position and lean on the elbows. Tense your abs and don’t let your belly sag. Your body should form a straight line. Remain in this position as long as you can.

1. The raised leg plank

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Stand in the plank position described above. Lift your hips a little. First, raise your right leg for 30 seconds, then – the left one.

2. The hand to elbow plank

Plank Variations That Will Strengthen Your Abs | SELF

Assume the plank position, get down on your elbows and then go back to the initial stand. Do this exercise for 30 seconds.

3. The hip raised plank

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Take the elbow plank position, then lift your hips and simultaneously pull in your stomach. Stay in the highest point for a bit and then go back to the initial position. The duration of this exercise is 30 seconds.

If it is hard for you, do the plank leaning on your knees.

If you would like to take part in the Plank Marathon, write it in the comments. This way your promise to exercise daily will not only be a promise to yourself but to other people as well. It will be a perfect motivation for you!