30 Day Waist Trainer Challenge

– Everyday for 30 days, we will all perform the following 5 moves to tighten your entire core, your upper abs, your lower belly, and your obliques.

– We are attacking the mid section from every angle.

– You ready!? Here’s your challenge, good luck!

Here are the moves:

Eagle Abs – bring your elbows to your knees and use your abs to crunch.

– Works rectus abdominus.

Reverse Crunch
Lie flat on an exercise mat on the floor.
Extend your legs fully and place your hands palms down, flat on the floor beside you.
Keeping your feet together, draw your knees up towards your chest, until your thighs are at 90 degrees to the floor and your calves are parallel to it. This is the start position.

As you inhale, curl your hips up off the floor while bringing your knees further towards your chest.
Continue the movement until your knees are touching your chest, or as far as comfortable.
Hold for a count of one.
In a controlled movement, return your legs to the start position, exhaling as you do so.

Double D’s – Press your entire back into the mat.

– This is almost like a double leg lift, but instead your legs will draw two D’s in the air as your go back up.

– Works lower abs.

Infinity Abs – Bring your feet up into table top position.

– With hands clasped together with elbows straight out, pretend you are rowing side to side.

– Draw an infinity shape with your elbows! Works entire core, especially obliques.

Accordians – Lying on your side, place your elbow underneath your shoulder and raise your top arm above your head.

– Your top ankle should be crossed over your bottom ankle.

– Raise your top leg and bring your elbow to your knee.

– Works obliques.Keep repeating this until you get tires.

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Source : www.blogilates.com