Gym-optional, no-equipment-necessary workouts for all fitness levels. You can do this.

It’s Thursday and we have deadlines to meet by Friday or even kids to pick up, clean and then make dinner. “I don’t have time for a workout today!”

Yes you do, lets make it quick.

It’s all about the supersets, high intensity, and rest periods today. These few exercises are great for when you need a quick but amazing workout. Try these heart pounding, fat burning and do it anywhere exercises- 30 minutes or less!

Warm up first: Repeat twice, no rest

 30 Jumping Jacks

 20 Mountain Climbers

– Set a timer for 8 minutes on your phone, watch, or even look at the clock.

– Completing as many sets as you can of one circuit without rest until the timer goes off.

– After the timer goes off you may rest for 45 seconds before starting next circuit

– After finishing 8 minute timed circuit complete circuit 2

Timer set? Here we go!

Circuit 1                                                           Circuit 2

20 High knees                                                  12 Tuck jumps

12 Forward Lunges with double pulse            20 Mountain Climbers

20 High knees                                                  12 Jump Squats

10 Push ups                                                     12 Commandos

1 Minute plank hip taps                                   1 Minute plank forward reach


– Push up: Complete push up on knees if needed

– Plank hip taps: Hold 45 second – 1 minute plank if needed

– Tuck jump: Complete jumping jacks if needed

– Jump squats: Complete body weight squat if needed

– Plank w/ forward reach: Hold 45 second – 1 minute plank if needed
For some exercises that are not very popular here are some examples:

High Knees

Image result for high knees exercise gif

Begin jogging in place, lifting the knees as high as you can.
Try to lift your knees up to hip level but keep the core tight to support your back.
For a more advanced move, hold your hands straight at hip level and try to touch the knees to your hands as you lift them.
Bring the knees towards your hands instead of reaching the hands to the knees!

Tuck Jumps

Image result for Tuck Jumps exercise gif

Place your feet at shoulder-width with your toes pointed slightly out. Brace your core and keep your chest up.
Bend first at the knees then at the hips. Lower yourself slightly to pre-engage the hamstring muscles. Now launch yourself up into the air.
At the same time, bring your knees up towards your chest in midair. Land on both feet with slightly bent knees. Move right into your next jump.


Image result for Commandos exercise gif


You start with the exercise ‘Plank’, i.e. on your forearms and keep body tension!
Then push up with your right arm and then take your left arm.
Then go back to the starting position on your forearms, first going down with your right arm and then with your left.
And always keep BODY TENSION so that it burns in the stomach! 😉
Do not make a hollow back!

– You then do the same thing differently. So with the left arm up first.