If you’re looking for a fun and innovative bigger butt workout then you will like this routine. This is lower body workout will help you work your glutes and thighs and produce fantastic results. Of course your diet have to be on point for you to see good results.

So make sure that you’re eating enough protein and carbs to help with muscle repair and growth. When doing these workouts make sure that you perform them slow and balanced so that you feel the pressure. That’s how they will grow and become toned.

Give this to work out a try and you will love it!

Legged Jumps

Stand on one leg and squat down until the top of your thigh is parallel with the ground, keeping your knee behind your front toe. Jump forwards and land on the same leg, squatting down to cushion the landing. Do 10 in a row on one leg before turning around and repeating on the other.

Double Squat Twist

  • Get into the wide squat position and do two squat pulses going up and down.
  • Then you’re going to raise and turn your body to the right entering a lunge position.
  • When in the lunge position hold for one second then go back into the starting position and repeat, turning to the left side.

Lunge To Kick

Looking for a full-body warm-up? Look no further! Move through the regular reverse lunge, but instead of returning to stand on two legs, kick your back leg out in front of you until you can touch your toes with your opposite hand. Return to stand and repeat on the other side.

Ninja Kicks