4 effective exercises for a beautiful chest and a flat back

Not only does the beauty of our whole body depend on our posture, but also on our health. Even an athletic body without good posture does not look attractive.

A straight spine, square shoulders and an open chest are above all healthy. Good posture increases the volume of the lungs. Because of the “full chest” breathing, the body receives more oxygen and delivers it to all internal systems. Improves blood circulation and nutrient delivery to the organs.

The vertebrae and joints are in a natural position and not under unnecessary stress, thus avoiding various diseases of the musculoskeletal system in the future. The muscles work more efficiently and feel less tired from the load. And the voice sounds more confident because of the disclosed diaphragm.

To improve posture, if childhood is far behind, first of all, be patient and try to develop the habit of self-control. The main task is to learn to straighten the back, straighten the shoulders, lift the head, retract the abdomen.

It is important to watch your body position and correct yourself when you start to “relax”. Second, you need to develop a strong muscle structure, and some of the exercises below will help.

We show you 4 effective rubber exercises that will help work the muscles of the shoulders, chest and back.

Leg raise from the plank

The plank is known to be a great way to strengthen all the muscles of the body, increase strength and endurance, and improve the health of the spine. Make sure there is no arching in your back. At the same time, keep your pelvis straight and watch the position of your elbows. They should be strictly under your shoulders. To maintain the load on the gluteal muscles in this exercise, lift your legs one at a time, overcoming the resistance of the elastic band. Take your time and move smoothly, trying to feel the muscles working.

Do 20 reps for 4 sets.

Arm extension from the plank

Another version of the dynamic plank. This time, the main load is on the shoulder muscles. The oblique abdominal muscles are also involved. Resist the resistance of the resistance band and move your arm to the side while turning your body slightly, but make sure your pelvis does not move (do not move up and down). Hands should be strictly under your shoulders – this is a prerequisite.

Do 20 reps for 4 sets.

Abdominal pull-up from a seated position

This exercise works the largest muscle in the back. Sit on the floor with your back straight and stretch your legs out in front of you. Grab the rubber shock absorber on your foot and pull the other end toward your abdomen, pulling your elbows back. To maintain a straight posture, bend your other leg and hold it with your hand.

Perform 20 reps for 4 sets.

Arm extension with resistance

This is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening chest and shoulder muscles. It relaxes the chest, develops joint flexibility and literally helps you “spread your wings. Sit with your buttocks on your heels, straighten your back and raise your arms with the rubber pad. Stretch the rubber band between your palms, grab the cushion behind your head, then return to the starting position. Try to extend your arms as far as you can, overcoming the resistance of the rubber band.

Do 20 reps in 4 sets.