4 effective exercises to get good-shaped butt at home

Your buttocks is the strongest muscle in your body. Do you want to lift it without surgery? We know the best way to build some muscle in this area. If you want to make your butocks bigger you should combine a training routine with a high-protein diet plan.

The benefit of building the butt with workouts is that it is not necessary to spend money on butt lift surgery as you can perform butt training routines at home.

You do not need to buy any special equipment as you can perform the exercises using your own bodyweight.

One of the disadvantages of sculpting the butt is that you need to work hard in order to get wonderful results. We have found a great workout routine to get a great-shaped butt at home.

Tracy Anderson is a famous fitness trainer who trains celebrities such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Gwyneth Paltrow. Tracy believes that in order to sculpt a beautiful and well-formed body you should exercise for one hour each day.

She recommends you to do this set of exercises, for the butt and thighs, every day in order to strengthen your body and lift your butt.

Her workout consists of effective exercises such as alternating back kicks, sitting stack arabesque kicks, outer thigh lifts and squat kicks. You should perform thirty repetitions each side.

Scroll down the most effective butt moves that have been proven to work your muscles naturally. By using these exercises you will make your buttocks round and lifted in no time!

#1. Alternating back kicks

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1. Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and hold onto a wall.

2. Keeping one leg stationary, slowly swing the opposite leg forward and backward in a single smooth movement.

3. Switch sides and repeat until set is complete.

#2. Sitting stack arabesque kicks

#3. Outer thigh lifts

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Start on your side with your legs extended, flexing both feet. Place your top hand on the ground in front of your abs and your supporting arm under your head. Make sure your bottom leg stays extended for the duration of the series.

Keeping the energy reaching out through your flexed heels, lift your top leg up about six to eight inches from the floor. From here, make tiny pulses upward 20 times. Holding your leg at the highest point of your lift, draw one-inch circles with your heel for 20 reps.

Keeping your top leg lifted, bend and straighten your knee. Do this 20 times while not letting your thigh lower as you press through the heel to lengthen your top leg to the straightened position. For an even greater burn, finish this series with lifts in a bigger range of motion, taking the foot all the way toward the ceiling and back down, 10 to 20 times.

#4. Squat kicks

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