You may think that your love handles are cute, but honestly, there’s nothing attractive about having layers of fat stuck on your waist. Targeting your eating habits and doing healthy cardio can change the way you look. Find what works best for you, and get your body tones.

Love handles

These are located right on the obliques. These muscles aren’t part of your abs, so regular abs workout won’t even touch them.

Here are some of the items you need to get rid of your love handles:
Yoga mat
Olympic bar
BOSU ball
Exercise ball

Straddle forward bend rotated and modified

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Hold a block in your left hand, and turn to the right. Keep your feet apart. Bend your waist, and place the block on the ground between your feet. Bring your right arm up and inhale.

Turn your chest to the right in the same line as your hips. Turn your head towards your right arm, and rotate your spine. Switch sides.

Olympic bar full contact twists

Hamstring DOMS!! - Athletic Performance Academy

Keep your feed shoulder-width apart, and hold the Olympic bar in front of your chest. Support the other end of the bar between two weights or against a wall. Press the bar down, swinging from side to side. Keep our arms extended. Your chest should follow the rotation motion.

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