Very often, it is more than difficult to force yourself to carry out your daily workout, especially when it is nice and sunny outside. For times like that we have something special at hand for you. All you need to do to keep your body all toned up are just four minutes of your time.

How is that possible that a workout can last only four minutes and be effective? The answer is simple it is a high intensity workout. But the best part about it is that you are going to take it outside this time. Just a four minutes spent outside with a correct goal can help you take care of your body.

All you need to do is to repeat a simple routine eight times in a row – sprint fir 20 second and walk for 10. That is it, after you have done it for eight time you will feel the effect immediately and you will see the result in a matter of weeks.

To enjoy your workout even better find yourself a perfect place to work out at – a park, a beautiful neighborhood with no traffic. It is so easy to kill a few boards with one stone – tone up your body and enjoy the weather outside, simply amazing, isn’t it?

Before you start your workout you need to be sure that such an intensity workout is not something you shouldn’t do that is why it is best to consult your doctor first. And, let’s not forget that your diet matters greatly as well.

#1. Jumping Jack

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– Stand with your feet together, arms fully extended with your hands by your sides. This is the start position.

– Bend your knees slightly then straighten and push through the balls of your feet while straightening your your knees to jump up spreading your legs to wider than hip width apart.

– As you do so, raise both arms out and up in a smooth arc until your hands meet above your head.

– As you return to the ground, bring your feet together and your hands back to your sides with your arms fully extended.

– Continue without pause for the desired amount of time or repetitions.

#2. Jump Rope

Basic Jump Rope — 1 minute

– Start by warming up your body with some classic jumping rope. “You want to always make sure you keep your elbows right at your waist and your arms at a 90-degree angle, shoulders right over your hips, and stay low to the ground.”

– Engage your core and keep your back straight—this will help you keep all your muscles engaged so you get the most out of each jump.

– The goal here is to just get your heart rate up.

– Kloots says to shoot for 120 jumps-per-minute, but it’s more important to just move for a full minute without stopping.

#3. Squat Jack

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– 1. Stand straight with your feet together and hands by your sides.

– 2. Jump up, spread your feet and bend your knees pressing your hips back.

– 3. Push through the heels to jump back up and return to the starting position.

– 4. Repeat until set is complete.

#4. Frog Jumping

Power Up Your Legs With The Frog Jump Exercise | Coach

– 1. Sit back with your feet in a wide stance and with the toes turned out at an angle.

– 2. Jump forward and up, land on your toes and squat.

– 3. Jump back and return to the starting position.

– 4. Repeat this back and forth movement until the set is complete.

#5. In and Out Jack

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– 1. Stand straight with your feet together and hands by your sides.

– 2. Jump up, spread your feet, bend your knees pressing your hips back, and open your arms.

– 3. Push through the heels to jump back up and bring both hands together above your head.

– 4. Repeat until the set is complete.