4-move core workout to light up the obliques

Do you want to get a sexy belly in no time? With the help of our 4-move core workout, you can achieve all your belly goals! This is not a simple workout that builds your abs, this is exactly what you need to strengthen your internal and external oblique muscles.

These 4 core effective moves for a solid workout will light up your obliques and give you an incredible abs in no time. Moreover, you can do these movements both at home and in the gym, anytime you like. Isn’t it awesome? Before starting your core workout, do not forget to warm up for about five to eight minutes on your favorite cardio machine. If you are not training in the gym, you can choose a light jog or jumping as a cardio. Then, after gaining energy and warming up your muscles, you can go directly to the training.

You should complete two sets of reps for each move below, resting for 30 seconds in between. After you’ve completed two sets, move on to the next exercise. So, ladies, are you ready to feel a real burn? If so, pull on your favorite yoga pants, grab a bottle of water and be ready to complete all these 4 moves to light up the obliques!

Mountain Climbers:

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Lower down into a plank position, and run in place, kicking your knees forward five times. Then, kick your legs in, and jump up, raising your arms in the air. Repeat. This challenging move works your entire body—delts, triceps, biceps, abs, hamstrings, & obliques.

Boat Pose Twists:

Boat Twist | Illustrated Exercise Guide

Sit with your legs bent in front of you and your arms in prayer position. As you twist your body to the right, take your legs out, and as you bring them in, your upper body returns to center. Repeat on the other side. After a few reps of this sequence, you will feel your core getting stronger.

Bird Dog Plank:

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Lower down into a plank position. Take one arm out in front of you, and lift the opposite leg up. Bring them both back down, and switch sides. This move will increase core strength in your abs, lower back, and everywhere in between.

Thread the Needle:

Parsva Balasana: The Thread the Needle Pose | Gaia

Start by lowering your arms to the ground and raising one leg up. Bring the raised leg in towards your chest, and thread it through the center of your body. Do several reps until you switch sides. This fun workout will blast away your body fat!