Here are 4 of the best exercises to build up the side of your butt. Building the side of the butt makes your booty rounder and more balanced! This area gets left out so often in other workouts, it is super important to focus on it as well. This is also one of the hardest parts of your booty to build so start putting in that work! Let me know how you guys like it!

The workout:
Squats with a leg raise

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand, cleaned up to shoulder height. Perform a standard squat, lowering yourself to an inch or two above the ground.
  • Squeeze your glutes and hamstrings to send your torso upwards. As you’re almost standing straight again, lift up one leg to the side, squeezing your
  • glutes, core and hip abductors.
  • Hold your leg at the top for 1-2 seconds before slowly lowering it down again. This is one rep.
  • Repeat for the other leg.

– Side to side hops

Primary muscles: Calves
Secondary muscles: Legs, hips
Equipment: No equipment

side to side hops instructions

1. Stand straight with your hands by your sides and your feet hip-width apart.
2. Jump with both feet to the right and then to the left, in a quick, repetitive movement.
3. Repeat until the set is complete.

proper form and breathing pattern

Keep your knees soft, maintain your back straight, and breathe slowly. Bounce off the floor as fast as you can, face forward and, to maintain your heart rate up, keep a steady pace.

– Fire hydrants

  • Get on the floor on your hands and knees.
  • 2. Engage your core muscle by sucking in your stomach and keeping your back straight.
  • 3. Lift one knee up and out until it is at the same level as your hip or as close as you can get it.
  • 4. Keep your knee bent at 90 degrees and your ankle flexed.
  • 5. As you leg comes up try not to let your weight shift over to your support side.
  • 6. Lower your leg to the starting position.
  • 7. Continue the exercise on the same leg.

– Side to side lunges
Stand with your feet hip width apart with your hands on your hips. Keeping your gaze forward and your abs tight, take a big step to the left with your left foot and bend your left knee 90 degrees, keeping your right leg extended. Push through the heel of your left foot to return to standing. Repeat on your right side to complete one rep.