The Abs Challenge

Today’s article is here to present to you one abs challenge that is consisted of 6 simple exercises. The same is lasting for 4 weeks and the results are amazing. All you have to do is just follow these simple rules:

– each of the 6 exercises must be performed during a period of 1 minute. You should not take breaks between the exercises. You must perform 3 sets of each exercise and make a pause of no more than 2 minutes between each set;

– perform the workout 3 days in a row, then make a pause of one day, and continue with the exercises for the next two days. Then a day of rest follows. Continue with this routine during a period of one month;

– start with the workout on Monday, so that Thursday and Sunday will be your days for rest;

– additionally you will have to make a cardio training too every day. The cardio training may include jogging, running, or walking for a period of 30-60 minutes;

– forget on the food as bread, pasta, any fatty products, or products that are containing sugar;

– eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and paltry; and

– make sure that you include foods as dairies, fatless meats, nuts, and eggs too.

You must get stick to this scheme for a period of one month if you want to achieve your goal. Only after one month the results will be visible for you.

Do not be afraid of the burn that you will felt in your muscles during the first days of the workout. That is only a sign from your body that you are on the right track. It is very important to stay motivated and not to give up. Only as that you will achieve the goal that you have set.

Following are the 6 abs exercises which are part of the abs challenge.

Reverse Crunch

How to Do a Reverse Crunch: Techniques, Benefits, Variations

Start the exercise by laying down on your back so that your hands will be placed on the ground firmly. Your legs need to be kept into a perpendicular position during the entire movement. At the beginning they need to be into a vertical position. Lift your hips off the ground and drive them towards the chest. At this point make sure that your legs are in a straight position. Make a pause of two seconds and then return your hips on the floor. Repeat the exercise as much as it is recommended.

Scissors Exercise

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This is one of the easiest exercises but is very effective because targets the lower part of your abs.Start the exercise by laying down on the ground and place your arms on your body sides, with the hands faced towards the floor. During the entire exercise it is very important your back not to bend up too much. Make a movement by raising your shoulders off the ground. At this point, both of your legs need to be several inches off the ground. Then you may raise one leg towards the ceiling and start to swap the legs, in a scissor motion. Make several repetitions of the exercise.

Elbow to Knee Crunch

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This is an exercise that must be performed during this challenge, the same is targeting the side abs and is good for burning fats too.

Start the exercise by laying down on the ground and place your hands behind your head. Next, bend your knees and make sure that over your right knee is your left ankle. As you are crunching up, drive your left knee to the right elbow and tighten your abs. Try to stay into this position for few seconds. Then return your body on the floor. Make repetitions of the exercise for 30 seconds, then switch sides, and perform the same movements with the opposite side for additional 30 seconds.

Diagonal Plank

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The diagonal plank is an intense version of the basic plank.Start the exercise by placing your body on all your fours i.e. make sure that your body is forming a straight line starting from your toes up to the head. The distance between your feet should be the same as between the shoulders. Make a movement, by simultaneously lifting your left leg and right arm. Try to stay into this position for 2 seconds. Then return your body into a plank position. Switch sides, and repeat the same movements with the opposite arm and leg.

Russian Twist

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The Russian twist is also known as an insane exercise because of its intensity.Start the exercise by laying down on your back. Drive your arms above your chest, extend as much as you can, and make sure that they are holding together. Use your butt to balance your body and raise your legs and back off the ground. At this point your back need to be in a straight position and your knees bent a little bit. Start rotating your body so that you will bring your arms one side. Then you may return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise now rotating on the opposite side of the body.

Cross Body Mountain Climber

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The final exercise is quite hard and will make you to sweat as a pig. You will have to perform the cross body mountain climber movements as faster as you can in order to increase the rate of your heart and to start burning calories. The same needs to last for about one minute.Start the exercise by placing your body into a plank position. Your arms need to be placed under your shoulders and extended as much as you can. At this point your body needs to form a straight line starting from your toes up to your head. Next, make a movement by raising the right knee towards the left elbow. Then you may lower this leg and lift the left knee towards the opposite elbow.