What is crucial for the strong core you want?

To get a strong core you need to focus on the range of the exercises. You’ll also need to target all of the abdominal muscles, including the deeper ab muscles, the outer ones and the obliques. This workout routine will help you get there! There are some great ab exercises included and no crunches.

The workout plan: 

The instructions through img:

Ab Bikes

Ab Bikes - ZoomZee


Image result for Plank

Straight Leg Raises

Image result for Leg Raises

Mountain Climbers

Image result for Mountain Climbers

Scissor Kicks

HIIT Exercise: How To Do Scissor Kicks | HIIT Academy | HIIT Workouts | HIIT Workouts For Men | HIIT Workouts For Women | HIIT Training

Snap Jumps

Image result for Snap Jumps

Weighted Bent Leg Jackknifes

Image result for Weighted Bent Leg Jackknifes


Image result for Commandos exercise

Results may vary, make sure you follow the required exercise guide for the best results. You’ll also need to be careful with the nutrition. Make sure you eat healthy!

Note: In addition to this workout you’ll need to do some cardio.  Check out the list bellow by week or do some home cardio Home Cardio Workout.

  1. 30 sec. jog and 30 sec. sprint /x5
  2. 40 sec. jog and 45 sec. sprint /x6
  3. 50 sec. jog and 40 sec. sprint /x7
  4. 60 sec. jog and 50 sec. sprint /x8

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