4 workout tips for your body type which are very useful

People are different and sometimes something that works well on your friend has no effect on you. The same goes for a workout routine and a diet plan. Yes, that may sound surprising but there are 4 main types of figures women usually have and you are supposed to build your successful weight loss plan depending on that particular type.

What are these four types? What are the peculiarities? How can you find yours out? So many questions arise, where can all the answers be found? Well, you do not have to spend countless hours on the research since we have all of those covered for you. All that is required from you is to put these pieces of advice to work.

#1. Delicate

That means that your body is shaped like a rectangle. That is why you have to work harder to make that waist of yours more defined. For that you are going to need power training. It will also surely help you get rid of that belly of yours.

You shouldn’t forget about the diet plan, which should be primarily built on high carbs and low protein. Plus, you should forget about sweets and pastries a little milk and raw foods are allowed.

#2. Curvaceous

That means that you are shaped like a pear. When it comes to sports anything active is what you need and it is best to work out in the morning or late afternoon. As for the diet – there are many restrictions, no butter or cream, sauce or chocolate, pasta or vinegar. Though lots of fruit and vegetables and non-fat proteins are allowed in huge amounts.

#3. Artistic

Your body looks like an hourglass, that is why group workouts or dancing is exactly what you need. Do not forget that the best time for you to work out is in the afternoon. There is much to sacrifice, however, no caffeine, alcohol, sugar or bread. Only green veggies, low-fat animal proteins and dairy.

#4. Lean

Your body is shaped like an apple. The best workout for you would be swimming or you can substitute it with aerobics or jogging. When it comes to diet – no meat. Plus, only a little of butter, cream and chocolate are allowed. What is there you wouldn’t refuse to get fit?