5 Best Inner Thigh Exercises To Strengthen And Tone Your Legs

Right up there with the belly, the thighs are a region that most women love to hate. And while you can’t spot reduce (heard that before?), you can develop more lean muscle in a targeted area. When combined with a healthy diet and overall fat loss, these 10 leg toners can result in a lower body you’ll love!

These moves go beyond traditional leg lifts to slim and shape your inner thighs from every angle. Do these 5 exercises one after another with no rest in between. Then repeat the circuit one or two more times. Do this full workout three or four days a week

1. Side lunge and press 

13 Moves For Terrifically Toned Inner Thighs | Tone inner thighs ...

Add a dumbbell to your side lunges by holding it at chest level. The booty should be sitting back and down in order to keep the knee behind the toes and shift your weight to one side. Then, push yourself out of it with the dumbbell overhead, and hold the pose for a while. Return to the starting position by shifting the weight to another side.
Repeat as many times as you can

2. Reverse Flutter Kicks:

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Work your glutes and your hamstrings in this move! It may not look challenging in the photos, but once you really get into this move, you’ll feel the burn! Click here to read the instructions.

3. Leg lift tap 

Feel that booty burn with a leg lift tap. You will have to really focus your muscles — especially the glutes — so that you can stay in control of this move.

4. Leg abduction with band 

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How to do them: Step into a looped band and step your feet apart until there’s tension. (If you don’t have a band at home, you can DIY by knotting a pair of tights.) Bend both knees to come into a squat position and bring both hands together below your chin. Without standing up, step your right foot out to the right. Next, step your left foot to the right to meet your right foot, keeping tension in the band the entire time. That’s one rep. Do up to 15 in the same direction, then reverse directions. Or, if you don’t have room, do a few in one direction, then reverse directions (that’s what you see in the demo above.), completing 15 reps in each direction.

5. Frog lift 

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Begin in a kneeling position and place the ball behind you between the heels. Walk yourself down to the floor and prop up your chest with your elbows. Bend the knees at 90 degrees and squeeze the ball with your heels, which will make your knees move outward to the edge of your mat