5 easy exercises for strong arms

Every woman dreams of having beautiful, taut arms. And speech in this case does not go about increase in volume of bicepses, as it happens in men. Girls tend to get rid of excessive roundness, friability, make the arms more defined and elastic.

Exercises for the hands for women are selected taking into account the fact that the purpose of training is not build-up of muscle mass, but relief and general tone.

For domestic workout of the muscles of the hands, the exercises with dumbbells suit perfectly. In particular, since the problem zone for most women is the posterior surface of the shoulder, it is desirable to include exercises with dumbbells on the triceps in the program.

In case of using dumbbells, in addition to target muscles, stabilizer muscles are included in work. This partially relieves the load from the main muscle, but it allows you to work your hands in a complex and harmonious way.

To train your hands you will need a small weight dumbbell, with which you can perform 15-20 repetitions. As a rule, girls are quite short of dumbbells 2-5 kg. It all depends on your level of preparation. Ideally, have at your disposal several pairs of dumbbells of different weights.

Check out 5 easy exercise and make your arms toned up.

#1. Push-ups
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#2. Tricep Extensions

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#3. The Wave Goodbye

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#4. Crescent Lunge and Row

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#5. Pullover

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