5 essential exercises for strong and lean arms

Fat, which is deposited in the arms, most often indicates total overweight. What can you do in such situation? To lose weight in the arm area, you need to add strength and cardio exercises to your daily routine. This is the most effective type of strategy for getting rid of excess weight, which is suitable for both girls and women, and also men.

In addition to workouts, do not forget about proper nutrition. We all know that a healthy diet is the key to overall health and well-being. In this case, if you want to have good health, get rid of extra pounds and build muscle, you should consume only healthy foods that will help you cope with all your problems. Wide shoulders with a fatty layer do not look aesthetically pleasing. If you want to achieve a harmonious figure and give relief to the muscles, this can be done with perseverance and desire. A necessary condition is regular training! In this case, we have prepared a list of 5 essential exercises for those who want to get strong and lean arms!

These exercises will help you lose weight from upper arms, tone them and build muscle mass. Before you begin this workout, you need to warm up with light cardio for 10 minutes, and then you can start doing the exercises. For best results, add this arm-workout to your training routine, and perform it 3-4 times a week.

#1. Diamond Push Up

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Keep your body straight and rigid.

Keep your elbows tucked in to your body. This is important to keep the emphasis on your triceps brachii instead of on your pectoralis major.

Unlike in the illustration and video, keep your feet in contact with the floor. This ensures more stability.

The diamond push-up on knees is a brilliant beginner exercise for development of the triceps brachii. Once the diamond push-up on knees becomes easy, graduate to performing the exercise on your hands and forefeet.

#2. Dips

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Place your hands behind you onto a chair, so that your fingers face forward.

Extend your legs and start bending your elbows.

Lower your body until your arms are at a 90-degree angle.

Lift your body back up until your arms are straight.


#3. Plank Walk


Start in a high plank with shoulders above wrists and abs tight.

Step right foot and right hand to right side immediately following with left foot and left hand.

That’s 1 rep. Do a few reps toward the right, then switch directions.

#4. Knees Push Up

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Place the knees on the floor, the hands below the shoulders and cross your feet.

Keeping your back straight, start bending the elbows until your chest is almost touching the floor.

Pause and push back to the starting position.

Repeat until the set is complete.

#5. Counter Push Up

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3 sets of 10 reps (rest 30 seconds between sets)

How to do it: Follow the instructions for the wall push-up, but place hands on a countertop.