Scientists say that being sedentary is the disease of our generation. Well I don’t even know if we’re part of the same generation – so let’s just agree that this applies to everybody who’s ever worked in an office.

You sit all day, and lie all night, and when you finally have to lift a heavy box, or a not-so-heavy-and-more-adorable kid of yours, you feel like you’re going to break in two.

The problem is that our lower back muscles are underdeveloped because we stay in front of a computer all day. No wonder we’re all aching before we even reach 30!

So are we doomed, or is there salvation? Well the salvation is there, and I call it The Deadlift & Co.

Perform these 5 exercises to strengthen your lower back muscles so that the modern work style doesn’t ruin your modern life.

 The Deadlift

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Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and your feet pointing forward. Put your right hand behind your lower back to make sure your lower back does not hyper extend. Bend your torso forward at your waist and bend your knees slightly. Reach down with your left hand toward the ground without rounding your spine, tucking your chin against your head. Shift your weight slightly toward your heels as you bend forward.


Got Back Pain? How the Superman Exercise Can Help – Cleveland Clinic

You might have done this exercise before. It consist of you lying on the floor with your stomach toward the floor, raise your arms and legs out like superman. Many children love this pose but it’s a lot harder as you grow older. This exercise strengthens your chest, shoulders, arms, lower back and core. This is a better exercise than crunches and also help improve posture.


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If you know anything about me, it’s that I’m crazy about exercises that work more than one muscle. So while hyperextensions are great for your lower back muscles, they will also help strengthen your upper legs, and also it they will activate your core.

All you need to do is fight gravity using your lower back muscles as you lower your upper part of the body, and then get it back up.

If you want a little extra edge to make sure you feel your lower back muscles burning a little bit more, grab onto a weight while you perform this exercise.

 Russian Twist

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Sit with knees bent and together, feet lifted to knee level, and arms extended overhead (sit up as tall as possible through spine). Shift weight onto left ‘cheek’ and press arms down to outside of right hip. Return to start and repeat on opposite side. Do as many reps as possible in 60 seconds.

 Child Pose

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This is an excellent pose for healing and relaxation. Grab a mat, kneel on it, your bottom should be resting on your heels. Lean forward and make sure that your legs support your chest. Place your forehead on the mat. Place your arms by the sides, with the palms facing up. Take a break and make sure to breathe deeply.

After 4 intense exercises, you can’t just pack your gym bag and go home. Your lower back muscles are going to be very tense. And by the time you wake up for work tomorrow, they’re going to be super-sore too.