5-Minute Arm Workout To Reduce Flabby Arms

There are a lot of women struggling to reduce flabby arms. If you’re one of them, stop searching for solutions and start doing this 5-minute arm workout.

Arm fat can make you feel uncomfortable, unattractive and less confident.

And sometimes you can’t even get out of your home without putting on some clothes with long sleeves to cover your flabby arms.

So, it is no wonder that you want to reduce flabby arms and get rid of this issue forever.

The Right Strategy To Burn Armpit Fat

Getting rid of armpit fat is possible, and the entire process consists in two major steps:

  1. Burn fat on your entire body.
  2. Tone and tighten your arm muscles.

So in order to reduce flabby arms and burn armpit fat you need to follow a diet and exercise plan designed to torch fat on your entire body.

This 21-day weight loss program might be a great start.

At the same time, you need to target your arm muscles through powerful arm exercises to ultimately gain some muscle mass.

Arm muscles are important, because the more muscles you have, the more fat you burn doing the same physical activity.

So building up your biceps and triceps is mandatory to reduce flabby arms.

Since I’ve already covered the first step (burn fat overall) in a previous article, today we’ll be focusing on the best exercises to reduce arm fat.

Best Exercises To Reduce Flabby Arms

Below are the best 5 exercises that will help you get toned arms. And all the equipment you need is a pair of dumbbells.

Perform them regularly and increase the sets/reps/intensity every week or so, to gradually challenge your body.

1. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (30 sec / side)

Do single leg Romanian dead lifts for 30 seconds on each leg, and make sure you’re focusing on the form, not on the number of reps you’re doing.

Follow the instructions in the video below to perform this exercise properly.

2. Lateral Pillar Bridge (30 sec / side)

This exercise is also known as side plank with hip lifts, or side plank dips.

It doesn’t matter the name, all of these exercises are doing the same thing: strengthening your core, arms and shoulders.

There are two ways to do this arm exercise: on the elbow, or with arm fully extended. The second one is for those more advanced.

3. Alternating Lateral Lunge To Overhead Press (60 sec)

This is a great compound exercise that targets not only your arms, but your lower body too. So you’ll not gonna look like those “never-leg-day” guys.

Make sure you’re focusing on your form, instead of the number of reps.

4. Plank With Alternating Arm Lifts (60 sec)

I picked this exercise to help reduce flabby arms not just because it’s working your arms and shoulders, but also because it develops excellent rotational stability through your shoulders, torso and hips.

Watch the video below to get some important tips on how to perform this exercise properly.

5. Alternating Bent-Over Rows (60 sec)

Again, quality over quantity!

Lift the dumbbells slowly to really engage your shoulder and arm muscles. Feel the burn in your triceps.

Alternating bent-over row is a super effective exercise to reduce flabby arms. So make sure you’re following the instructions in the video below.

That’s it! You’ve done our 5 minute to toned arms workout.

Got 5 more minutes? Repeat the workout.

Actually, you can do it as many times as you want/can in a day. The more you work your arms, the more sleek and toned they get.

Remember, this 5 minute arm workout alone won’t reduce flabby arms over night. It takes time and patience to change your body.