This 5 minute butt and thigh workout is power packed and super convenient.It works well for busy persons who don’t have a lot of time to do lower body routines. Doing this routine consistently will help to grow your glutes and build lean thighs.

The 5 minute butt and thigh workout overview It’s going to be different from most workouts that you have done. Remember, this is just a few minutes. You want to give those glutes and thighs a good pump. For that to happen, you’ll be taking no rest for this quick butt and thigh workout.

You can do it!

This routine has 3 booty and thigh workouts that will challenge your muscles.

No equipment needed or any type of accessories. The only thing you will need is your willpower to push through 5 minutes of intense workout.

Oh, you will also need a stopwatch to time each workout.After you’ve completed it, you’re going to see and feel a difference in your glutes and thighs. You’ll be given a chart below that will show the amount of seconds for each workout. So without further chitchat let’s break down the 3 workouts that you will be doing.

1. Lifted Clams

How to do it
Lie down on your left side using your left hand to support your head.
Both thighs should be closed together but feet lifted in the air.
Now you’re going to slowly open your thighs as wide apart as possible.
Hold the position for 1 second then slowly return the starting point and repeat.

2. Chair kickbacks

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How to do it
Stand about 2 feet away from a bench or edge of a bed.
Keep your thighs and feet close together.
Lean forward to the supporting object and hold firmly with both hands.
Your torso should be parallel to the ground.
Now you’re going to lift your left leg backwards until it’s parallel to the ground.
Hold the position for 1 second and return to the starting point then do the other leg.

3. Squat Pulses

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How to do it
You can start in the squat position B or start standing with legs bent slightly.
Just make sure that you slowly move up and down, not straightening your legs.
When squatting your thighs should be parallel to the ground.
Do slow and controlled up and down movements between position A and B.
Do 2 Sets of each for 45 seconds NO reset in between sets give it everything