5 Minute Exercise for an Amazing Booty Lift

5 minutes exercise to lift your booty and get tight glutes? Sounds amazing right? Well it definitely is, and it works, and believe it or not you can do it in the atmosphere of your home, without any fancy equipment except some weight – it’s time to put those outdated encyclopedias in use again!

What you need for these exercises: A timer (Gymboss – find it on your app store or market, it’s free), exercise mat or bath towel, weight (medium to heavy, 15 to 20 lb)

The workout process: Go through these exercises by working out each one of them for 60 seconds without any break between them. After you finish all of them, get yourself a break of 30 to 90 seconds before you start another cycle.

For beginners, do 1 cycle of the exercises, Intermediate should do 3 cycles and advanced training requires 5 cycles.

We recommend to increase the level of workout whenever you feel like the level you are is no more challenging.

Please watch the videos below on how to perform these type of exercises, to ensure that there will be no injuries and get the highest effect of them.

One cycle of workout includes the following exercises:

Exercise 1: Donkey Kicks (right leg)
Exercise 2: Donkey Kicks (left leg)
Exercise 3: Fire Hydrant Kicks (right leg)
Exercise 4: Fire Hydrant Kicks (left leg)
Exercise 5: Weighted Glute Bridge

Donkey Kicks

How to Do Donkey Kicks: Proper Donkey Kick Form for Strong Glutes | Real  Simple

Fire Hydrants

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Glute Bridge

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