We will tell you how to remove fat from abdomen and sides at home.This article contains the most useful information on how to slim the belly down the most effectively at home, especially after 45 years.

Often there are cases, when fat accumulates on the waist. Although this type of obesity is called androgenic, that is, the most common for men, this problem is often faced by women, even girls. But still, more often this problem is relevant for the age after 45 years.

The accumulated fat on the abdominal area is not only a cosmetic defect that makes women unattractive, but also a health risk. After all, with the deposition of fat in the waist, there is a violation of blood circulation in the abdominal cavity, compression of internal organs and development of edema. If you really are determined to get rid of this problem once and for all at home, then be patient and do not give up on the goal.

Unfortunately, the attribute of modern person is that he is constantly in a state of stress. No wonder we gain more and more fat as we get older. No worries, ladies. We will tell you which exercises will help you to get rid of fat layer on your belly. Check them out.

1. In & Out Squats 

2. Side Plank Hip Raises 

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3. Spiderman Plank 

Image result for Spiderman Plank 

4. Inverted V-Plank 

Image result for Inverted V-Plank gif

5. Modified Push-ups

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6. Squats with Side Kicks

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7. Triangle Crunches

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8. Bicycles 

How To Do Bicycle Crunches | SELF

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