Every women want to have an inner thigh gap, because our body was built in a way that our inner thigh have to touch and besides it doesn’t look good on everybody. But thigh gap aside, we do make the mistake to not think about this particular part of our body when we exercise, which leads to the sad thing that, if we don’t take the time to work our inner thighs our legs won`t look as perfect as we want them.

We are going to help you define your inner thighs with a special workout. First, you`ll need three things – a mat, or you can use the floor if you don`t have one; a chair and some dumbbells.

Leg Swings

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Stand with feet hip-width apart. Shift weight onto left leg to free up right leg. Swing right leg forward as high as possible (try to get it about parallel to the ground) and then swing it backward behind you. You can use a nearby wall or chair for support if you need. Continue for 1 minute then switch to opposite leg for 1 minute. This move will open up your hips, and having flexible hips during delivery is obviously a good thing!

The Single-Leg Circle 

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1. Lie flat with your legs squeezed together and long, sturdy arms by your sides. (The backs of your shoulders are anchored to the mat.)
2. Stretch one leg up to the ceiling as straight and as close to perpendicular as possible.
3. Draw circles in the air with your leg, beginning across your body, then down toward the ankle, out, around, and back up. Keep your movements controlled.
Reps: Complete five circles in each direction and then switch legs. 

Toe Squat with Overhead 

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Grab a dumbbell and multitask for this move that’ll work the inner thighs as well as the triceps. Stand with the feet wide, toes pointed out. Hold a dumbbell with both hands overhead. As you squat down, bend the arms, lowering the dumbbell behind your head. Then straighten the legs and arms, squeezing at the top. Continue like this for 30 seconds, and if it becomes too difficult, place the dumbbell on the floor and continue for 30 more

Pilates Inner-Thigh Leg Lift 

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Wide Plie Squat 

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Stand in a wide stance (with your feet outside of your shoulders) and turn your toes out to the side. Drop straight down into a squat, feeling the stretch in your inner thighs. Shift your weight to your left leg as you come up, and sweep your right leg to the outside of your left. Go back to starting positiong and repeat 20 times, alternating legs.