5 popular “healthy foods” that are not really healthy

Food should not only be tasty, but also useful – everyone knows about this, so today the topic of healthy nutrition is so urgent. Of course, each of the natural products has a certain benefit, but among all there are the most useful food products.

Every day millions of new topics appear in the world for discussion. This also applies to the healthy eating industry. That is why it is difficult for a modern person to keep track of what is fashionable, and what is not, what is useful, and what is harmful. Many listen to advice and recommendations related to nutrition, because this is an important process of our lives.

Naturally, we know that fruits and vegetables are much more useful than chips and sweets, and plain water is better than soda. However, you have no idea that there five popular foods that are not as healthy as you might think. Let’s discuss this topic:

#1. Low-fat or fat-free foods. You know that if you want to lose weight, you need to refuse eating fat and eat only low-fat or fat-free foods. Recent researches have shown that these foods are not healthy at all. There are a lot of artificial sweeteners there.

#2. Low-carb diets are very popular all over the world. However, their usefulness is not proved. Furthermore, you need eat carbs to provide your body with all necessary elements and make it full of energy.

#3. Low-calorie frozen foods. No, no, and again no. You should eat fresh, healthy and balanced foods, if you want to get rid of your excess pounds and stay healthy. Forget about cutting down too many calories, this will slow down your metabolism.

#4. Do not try to replace meat by eating sausages, ham and so on. Your body needs protein. Meat, seafood and eggs are the best choice. Reduce eating deli meats, or you will get problems with your health instead of losing weight.

#5. You try to skip fruits to reduce eating sugar. This is a completely wrong attitude. You should better avoid eating candies, cookies, and other sweets, but add more fruit to your diet. They will fill your body with the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals.