Many people have problems with the belly fat. All of them know how difficult it is to burn that fat. The belly fat can affect the overall health like heart diseases, type 2 diabetes,insulin resistance, some forms of cancer and many more. Healthy lifestyle can help lose the fat as well as certain exercise. The most dangerous part of the body to store the fat is the belly.

Many exercises such as the Asanas yoga can help lose this fat and turn the body healthy. Here you can read about five exercises that you can perform as well as maintain healthy nutrition. This will give you the best results.

Here are the yoga positions you need to exercise in order to lose the belly fat.

Cobra pose ( Bhujang asana)
Bhujangasana – The Cobra Pose • Mandalas Life

This pose will help you strengthen the abdominal muscles and reduce the belly pooch. It makes the spine flexible and strong while at the same time strengthen the upper body entirely.

Here is how to do the Bhujang Asana pose:

  • Lie down on your stomach and stretch your legs..
  • The palms should be placed underneath the shoulder.
  • Place your chin on the floor and the toes touch the floor
  • While inhaling slowly raise your chest up bending the back backwards as much as possible.
  • The body will look like you are a cobra with your head raised up.
  • Hold this position for 15-30 seconds if possible.
  • While exhaling bring your body down to the primary position.
  • You need to repeat this 5 times with 15 seconds between each turn.
  • If you have a back problem, an injury, ulcer or hernia, or if you are pregnant don’t do this pose.

Bow pose ( Dhanurasana)

This pose will strengthen the abdominal organs. You need to rock back and forth in this pose to get the best results. This activates the digestion system and massages the abdomen. It can help with the constipation problem as well.

Bow Pose | Dhanurasana - Yogapedia

Here is how to do this pose:

  • You need to lie down on your stomach with your legs stretched together, arms should be kept by the body`s side.
  • Bond the knees, reach your arms down to your ankles and hold.
  • While inhaling lift your head and bend backwards. You need to lift your legs as high as you can.
  • Maintain this position for 15-30 seconds. Breathe normally.
  • While exhaling slowly bring down your back and head to the normal starting position.

You need to repeat this for 5 times while having 15 seconds brake between each round.

Boat pose ( Naukasana)
You can get your stomach to be flat and it will help you lose fat around the waist and strengthen the back and leg muscles as well.

Benefits Of Boat Pose (Naukasana) - World Peace Yoga School

Here you can read how to perform this exercise:

  • You need to place yourself in a supine position where the legs are stretched together and the arms facing down next to your body.
  • While inhaling you need you raise your legs without bending the knees.
  • Stretch your foot and your toes outward.
  • Next you need to raise your legs as high as you can.
  • Raise the arms as well while keeping them straight reaching the toes.
  • You can try to place your body at 45 degree angle.
  • You need to breathe normally
  • Maintain this position for 15 seconds
  • Exhale and bring your body back to normal
  • Repeat this for 5 times and have a 15 second brake between each round.

Plank ( Kumbhakasana)
This pose is the simplest one and can also help eliminate the belly fat. You can strengthen the arms, shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs with this pose.

How to do Plank Pose (Kumbhakasana): Yoga poses step by step

Here is how to do this exercise:

  • Place yourself on your knees and hands under the shoulders and the knees under the hips.
  • Tug the toes under and step the feet back one at a time, while the legs should extend behind you
  • While inhaling you need to look ahead of your palms and align the neck with the spine.
  • Hold the abdominal muscles in.
  • Form a straight line from heels to head. The hands should remain flat and the fingers should be spread.
  • Get the best results if you hold this position for 15-30 seconds.
  • While exhaling release the pose by dropping the knees to the floor.
  • If you are suffering from back or shoulder injuries or you have blood pressure you shouldn’t do this pose.
  • You need to repeat this for 5 times while having 15 seconds break.

Wind relieving pose ( Pavanamukthasana)
It will help the colon, regulate the level of acid in the stomach, help with constipation, improve the metabolism, relieve the back pain, firm and tone the abdominal muscles, tights the hips as well.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle Wind relieving pose

Here is how to do this position:

  • Lie down on your back with the arms beside the body, the feet stretched, heels touching each other
  • Bend the knees, and while exhaling bent the knees towards the chest, applying pressure on the abdomen with the help of thighs.
  • Use your hands to clasp underneath the thighs while holding the knees.
  • Lift your head while exhaling and the chin should touch the knees.
  • Maintain this position for 60-90 seconds if possible.
  • Release your knees, bring your hands to the side of the body and the palms should be placed towards the ground.
  • Repeat it for 5 times with 15 seconds break between rounds
  • You need to repeat this for 3 to 5 times every day, 3 times a week, a day between each exercise.

Important tip:
If pregnant, recently had a surgery, have a back injury, if you feel pain, discomfort or dizziness you shouldn’t do these exercises.