Today more and more people start taking care of their health. They eat healthy foods, attend a gym and consult their doctor regularly. All these things help them to keep their body healthy, slim and energized. However, there some tips which you should do to feel much better.

We all know that hydration is essential for our health. One should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. Yes, this will help you to feel better. However, you should know that there are the most suitable times of day to drink water. Today we have some important information for you.

Here are the best times of day when you should drink water. This will help you to get more benefits for your body. By following these tips you’ll improve your health condition and feel really great.

#1. In the morning, 8:00 am

By drinking water on empty stomach you’ll achieve healthy level of hydration. It’s also a good way to wake your body up and get it prepared for breakfast. Remember that it’s important both to eat and to drink in the morning. In this way you’ll stay healthy and have more energy.

#2. Morning break, 11:00 am

You shouldn’t forget to drink water at this time. In this way you will reduce your appetite and won’t eat extra meal before lunch. Besides, it will help you to drink 1.5 liters of water per day.

#3. Lunch, 1:00 pm

Some people think that’s drinking water during their meal is harmful for their digestion system. However, the truth is that the effect will be completely opposite. A glass of sparkling water during your lunch will improve your digestion.

#4. In the afternoon, 4:00 pm

There is a rather big period of time between you lunch and dinner. That’s why it’s completely OK if you feel thirsty during this time. Just learn to listen to your body and take a glass of water to hydrate your body when it’s necessary.

#5. Dinner, 8:00 pm

You can drink a glass of sparkling water before dinner. It will be great to add there a slice of lemon. In this way you’ll manage to drink necessary amount of water during the day. This will let you stay healthy and feel great.

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