6 Chair Exercises That Will Make Your Belly Flat

Do you know that sitting on a chair for a long time itself is a disease? People prefer to do office work as it has many advantages but sitting for straight 8-8 hours is not good for your health. Many scientists revealed that sitting for a long time can cause diabetes, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular diseases as well. So try to avoid prolonged sitting but still as you have to do work so we have selected 7 exercises for you that will make you healthy and fresh while sitting on a chair.


Bent Over Twist | Illustrated Exercise Guide

It will help to lose the belly fat and also burn fat from the hips.

Your actions:

First, keep your feet on the floor and at the level of your waist try to straighten your arms.
Now you have to move your upper body to the forward and with the help of bending of your knees.
Comeback to the original position. After that bend again and this time to your right foot and touch it with your left hand.
At least repeat this exercise for 20-30 times.

To tone your belly, shoulder muscles and back do this exercise, it will also burn the fat quickly. You can also use a chair with arms to increase the intensity.


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Your actions:

Hold your chair tightly when you are sitting on it.
Now what you have to do is, lift your body above the chair so your hips and legs hang in the air.
To raise your knees to your chest, use your abdominal muscles.
At least for 15-20 minutes stays in that position and slowly come back to the original position and take rest for a minute.You should repeat this one for at least 4 times.

This will make your lower abdominal muscles shaped also make your oblique. The right way to do this is to make sure that your knee meets your opposite elbow with the slightest turn of your upper body.


Seated Knee Lifts with Chair Exercise Demonstration | SparkPeople

Your actions:

Sit in a straight position on a chair and try that your back doesn’t touch the back of the chair. Now you have to put your hands behind your head.
Then slowly lift your right knee to your chest. And also bend the left elbow to meet your knee at the same time.
Come back to original position and repeat this exercise 15 times with each elbow and knee.

It helps to burn fat, improves digestion and strengthens abdominal muscles


Your actions:

While sitting in a chair keep your back straight and make sure it doesn’t touch the back of a chair.
Now you have to keep your feet on the floor hip-width apart.
With keeping your back straight, lift your right knee and pull it towards your chest.
For a better stretch your lower abdominal muscles, put your hands on your shin
Repeat it for 20-30 minutes with both knees.

For effective and gentle belly muscles try this one.


Ball Kicks - Knee Extentions - Stamford Therapeutics Consortium

Your actions:

First, keep your legs together.Now with your, both hands hold the chair sides.
Sit with a straight back and lift your knees. Then pull them to your chest. Your abdominal muscles should be tightened.
Without touching the floor put your feet down. And repeat this for 15-20 times.

It will help you to shape your waist and also burns the fat from the sides of the belly.


6 Chair Exercises That Will Make Your Belly Flat

Your actions:

Sit straight on the edge of the chair and with both hands hold the chair tightly.
Now you have to bend your body to the side and sit only on one glute.
Then again keeping your legs together, lift both knees to your chest.
Come back to original position and then bend to the different side. Repeat it at least 15-20 times.0 times.