The Routine
Exercising your core is really important: Strong abdominal and back muscles are essential for doing everyday tasks, like lifting a 20-pound toddler and putting away groceries, not to mention preventing an achy back and maintaining good posture at your desk. Break out of (boring) crunch mode and work your middle with this Pilates-inspired routine. Complete the workout three to four times a week to make the most of your midsection.

Lets start!

Move 1: Knee Fold Tuck

1. Sit down with your hands on the mat, your legs fully extended and lean back.
2. Bend your legs and bring your knees toward your chest.
3. Hold for a second or two and then fully extend your legs without touching the mat.
4. Repeat.

When doing seated knee tucks keep your back straight and your upper body stable. Breathe out as you bring your knees toward your chest, squeeze your abs in and use your core strength to stabilize your body.

Move 2: Climbing Rope

Rezultati i imazhit për Climbing Rope abs

1. Sit down on the floor with your knees slightly bent and lean your torso back.
2. Extend your right arm toward the ceiling and bring your left knee up.
3. Switch sides, moving your arms as if you were climbing a rope, and repeat.
4. Keep alternating sides until the set is complete.

Tighten your core, keep your spine neutral, your neck relaxed, and breathe out as you crunch and reach your arm toward the ceiling. Maintain a steady pace throughout the entire exercise, and inhale as you lower your leg and arm to the starting position.

Move 3: Side Balance Crunch

(A) Begin with left knee and left hand on the floor, right arm straight up. Extend right leg so your body forms a straight line. (B) Pull right knee toward torso and right elbow toward knee. Straighten arm and leg. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.

Move 4: Circle Plank

Start in a plank position with abs tight. (A) Pull right knee in and circle it clockwise, then (B) counterclockwise. Keep the rest of your body stationary. Repeat five times, then switch legs.

Move 5: Sliding Pike

(A) Begin in a plank on an uncarpeted floor, hands under shoulders and a towel under feet. (B) With legs straight, raise hips and draw legs toward hands into a pike position—your feet should slide easily. Hold for one count, then return to start. Repeat 10 times.

Move 6: Oblique Reach

Rezultati i imazhit për Oblique Reach

Sit with knees bent and feet on floor. (A) Straighten right leg. Roll spine into a C-curve. Place left hand behind head and extend right arm. (B) Twist body to the left, roll back a bit more (and hold for one count), then come up. Do five reps, then switch sides.