In this fast era of living we are in a constant search of a harmony. The good news is that the secret of harmony is finally revealed and the same is related with maintaining a balance between the excess fats and the proper nutrition.

Additionally, healthy lifestyle includes enough willpower and performance of certain physical activities. If you are among those people who are running a busy life and you are barely fining 15 minutes to perform some exercises, that is not excuse of not practising any exercise at all. Additionally, the financial difficulties could not be taken as another excuse of your laziness.

Today’s article will present to you a workout that is not lasting more than 15 minutes and may be performed at home or on the street. So next time when you will complain that you are struggling with overweight, but you do not have enough time to visit the gym or you are struggling with financial difficulties, think of the workout that we will present to you today, and remind yourself that you may tone your body without any additional supplements needed.

The exercise will target all the muscles of your body. The same is consisted of 8 simple exercises. You will have to make 15 repetitions at least of each exercise in order effective results to be achieved.

Following are the detailed instructions of each exercise.

Lunge with a Twist

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You will need to bring your body into a lunge position. For that reason, make a step with your left leg to the front. Then the upper part of your body should be twisted. Perform the same with the right leg too. Make 2-3 sets of 15 repetitions of the exercise.

Triceps Dips

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You will need a bench or chair for this exercise, so that at the beginning of the same you will be able to sit on the edge of the bench or chair. Next, place your hands closer to your hips so that you may lower your buttocks down the floor.

Bridge Lift and Lower

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Start the exercise by laying down on your back, with bent knees. The turn your body into a bridge position and raise one of your legs. Continue with this movement of lifting and lowering your leg. Once you will be done with this leg, switch sides, and repeat the same movements with the opposite leg too.

Plank Jacks

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Follow the detailed instructions on the photo and perform the exercise correctly as it is presented to you in order effective results to be achieved.

Single-Leg Push-Up

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Follow the detailed instructions on the photo and perform the exercise correctly as it is presented to you in order effective results to be achieved.

Forearm and Side Plank

Start the exercise by placing your body into a plank position. Then drive your body into a side plank. Stay into this position for 15 seconds and then witch sides. You will have to perform this exercise in a period of 60 seconds.

If you are struggling with lower self-esteem and lack of motivation, do not hesitate to look up for the numerous motivational videos and speeches on Internet in order to stay on the trach of this weight-loss journey.