6 exercises to get rid of back and armpit fat in 20 minutes

When people are speaking about the muscles, they usually think about what they are seeing in the mirror (midsection, arms and legs).
The bodyweight circuit we are presenting you here is created by the fitness expert Jessica Smith. The abs exercises are very effective and matched up with balancing back move.

This workout is not only is a smart training strategy for your core, it also promotes perfect posture and helps prevent back pain.

How it works:
–This workout consists of 6 bodyweight moves
–It is performed up to four days a week, after a cardio session, or included into an existing strength routine.
–Perform 1 set of each exercise in the first pair back to back, and then repeat both moves 2 more times
–Perform 3 sets of each pair.

1 A: Recline Roll-Up

–Starting position – Sitting with legs extended (knees slightly bent), hip-width apart and hands behind head. Strengthen abs, keeping back naturally straight and hanging back, as you press heels into the floor.
–Lean back until you are no longer able to keep back straight.
–Round back, gently rolling through spine and lowering your body down to floor
–Return to start position complete one rep.
Perform 10 Reps

1B: Extending Reach

–Starting position – Laying face down with legs extended and hip-width apart, keep hands behind head. Your spine should be extended and chest lifted off the floor,
–Lifting thighs off the floor, reach arms back towards feet and lift chest higher off the ground, squeezing shoulder blades together.
–Return down to starting position to complete one rep
Perform 10 Reps and 3 sets of both moves in this pair (1A + 1B) before moving on to 2A.

2A: Bicycle Pump

–Starting position – Laying face up with knees bent into chest and hands behind head. Your left leg should be extended out straight, almost parallel to the floor, left shoulder lifted across towards right knee, as you are pulling abs in tight.
–Lifting legs in closer towards chest, draw left shoulder closer into right knee
–Switching sides repeat.
Perform 10 Reps per side

2B: Quadruped Rotation

–Starting position – On all fours position, bring left hand behind head, lowering left elbow to right arm.
–Slowly rotating torso to the left, turn shoulders, opening elbow up, and gazing up at the ceiling.
–Return to starting position to complete one rep
Perform 10 Reps per side

3A: Pike Climb

–Starting position – elbow plank position, abs braced in tight and hips lifted up to ceiling, pressing the chest back towards feet.
–lower hips back to plank position keeping abs pulled in tight, and bend right knee to the outside of right elbow.
–Stepping right foot back return to starting position
–Now, draw left knee to left elbow as hips lower.
Perform 10 Reps per side

3B: Kneeling Deadlift

–Starting position – Kneeling on the floor with hands behind head, creating a straight line from knees to head.
–Keep spine naturally arched and lean forward (like you bow), as you push hips back and lower chest.
–Return to starting position, complete one rep.
Perform 10 Reps