6 exercises to TONE and TIGHTEN your butt and thighs

A Nike trainer called Alex Silver-Fagan thinks that in order to get the legs and buttocks into great shape you need to do squats. Thus, if you have been looking for solutions about your butt and legs, keep reading. These exercises can be combined with other exercises or just done on their own. They are very simple and they can be done at home. The best thing about is that they will only take 15 minutes of your day.

Therefore, we will present you with the best exercises for toning your butt and legs and we will additionally present you with a week-long training plan to make your body change for the better.

The 6 Best Exercises to Tone the Butt and Legs

1. Reaching Sumo Squat
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This squat adds some cardio. First, stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes slightly turned out. Then, hold arms in front of your hips, hanging there. Just push your hips back and squat down, keeping your chest up and knees out, hand should still be hanging. As you stand to your tippy toes, swing arms around and reach for the sky. This variation helps you keep your torso lifted throughout the exercise, while giving your glutes extra attention.

2. Narrow Squat

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This one is a warm up for the pistol squat. Just start standing with your feet together and hands out. Perform squats while keeping your knees together and going down to 90 degrees.

3. Pistol Squat

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This is a very tough exercise with a lot of knee work. Just make sure you do it carefully and do no squat too low. At first, you might want to hold on to something. Just stand with arms extended out in front. Balance on one leg with opposite leg extended straight leg forward as high as possible. Squat down as far as possible while keeping the leg elevated off of floor. Keep the back straight and supporting the knee pointed same direction as foot supporting. Raise the body back up to original position until the knee and the hip of supporting leg is straight. Repeat and continue with the opposite leg.

4. Curtsy Squat

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For this exercise, many muscles are involved. First, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips. Then, cross right leg behind body and to the left so that inner thighs touch. Bend the left knee 90 degrees, toes pointing forward, then return to starting position. Raise the right leg out to the side as high as you can without shifting your hips; keep the left leg straight and knee soft. Finally, return to starting position; switch sides and repeat.

5. Split Squat

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This exercise will strengthen the calves, hips and buttocks. Stand with hands on hips. Position feet far apart; one foot forward and other foot behind. Squat down by flexing the knee and hip of front leg. Allow the heel of rear foot to rise up while the knee of rear leg bends slightly until it almost makes contact with floor. Return to original standing position by extending the hip and knee of forward leg. Repeat. Continue with the opposite leg.

6. Pop Squat

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The exercise will rest the muscles after the static postures. It will also flush out the lactic acid and add some cardio. Start with standing with your feet hip-width apart. Sit your hips back and down into a squat position. Jump straight up into the air and land softly back into the squat position. Repeat.